''Infinite Challenge'' Comes On Top As Peoples' Favorite Variety Show

''Infinite Challenge'' Comes On Top As Peoples' Favorite Variety Show

The weekly comedy show “Infinite Challenge”, was voted as the favorite entertainment program on TV, according to a poll done by Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp. Amongst the 6,871 surveyed from age group 13 to 59, it was reported that 62.3% of the participant’s responded that they watch the show live as it airs.

Infinite Challenge, first aired a decade ago, and it is recognized as the nation’s first variety show. It is mostly unscripted and it presents six different celebrities who take on silly and laughable challenges.
Meanwhile other variety shows such as “Gag Concert” and “The Return of Superman” of KBS scored 41.1% and 40.2% respectively, followed by MBC’s “King of Masked Singer” and “I Live Alone” scoring 36.7% and 33.7% respectively. All the ratings are found to be among real-time watchers.

Other shows being MBC’s “My Little Television” with 33.5%, SBS’ “Running Man” with 31.3%, KBS’ “One Night, Two Days” with 28.6%, MBC’s “Radio Star” and “Real Men” with 28% and 27% respectively.

The top three shows were found to be popular among all age groups and genders; on the other hand "My Little Television" and "Running Man" were popular amongst teenagers. “I Live Alone” gained viewership in their 20’s while “King of Masked Singer” was a hit among people in their 30’s or above.