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Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic Aims To Expand To South East Asia!

Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic Aims To Expand To South East Asia!

Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic, Gangnum-Seoul, South Korea, is moving on to provide a one-stop medical service system to both its local and foreign patients. With Dr. Ryu Sang-Wook, medical director, at its helm Grand is gearing up for expanding its medical services to medical tourists coming from Asia, Russia, the US, and even South American countries.

Dr. Ryu, in an interview conducted by The Seoul Times, shared how Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic distinguishes itself from other similar clinics in terms of their services, post-operative care and medical tourism. He shared that 10-15% of the patients at Grand come from overseas; The Asian patients come from countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Russia. Caucasian patients come from US, Canada, Australia, European countries and South Africa. Caucasian patients are interested in liposuction, tummy tuck and breast lift or reduction surgeries, whereas Asian patients opt for double eyelids, nose augmentation and facial contouring surgeries.

When asked about the kind of facilities that will be provided to the foreign patients, he informed: airport pick-up service for arrival, aid for visa application, face to face consultation, surgery, post-surgery treatments, airport drop off service, and a follow-up with patients are all included.

Grand is now planning to expand to countries in South East Asia with customized services.

Dr Ryu also shared a health tip which he practices to keep himself relaxed at times of stress: “My remedy for stress and strains is to exercise. I go to the gym regularly and play tennis”.