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Biological Factor That Fights Infected Cells

Biological Factor That Fights Infected Cells

A Korean research team has discovered a biological factor that anchors T-lymphocytes to infected cells and consequently kills the infected cells.

Professor Jeon Chang-deok and PhD student Na Bo-ra at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology successfully found this factor, announced the National Research Foundation on May 14 2015.

So how does it work? T-lymphocytes detect infected cells and inject toxic materials into them through an immunological synapse. Researchers are now looking for a way to stabilize this immunological synapse and they have recently discovered a protein called TAGLN2 which is produced only in T-lymphocytes. The research team’s current endeavour is to develop a peptide compound that controls the function of TAGLN2 protein and will result in strengthening the body’s fight against viruses. This may also help in cancer treatments.

These research findings were first published online on April 13 by the Journal of Cell Biology, a scientific journal published by Rockefeller University Press.