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Scoliosis and Foot ClinicThe Chaum Scoliosis and Foot Clinic uses the natural approach to study your entire body, not just a part of your body,
and provides extensive management for the nerve system, muscle, and your physique and nutrition and exercise
current information and data archived at either of the Aspen offices are INSUFFICIENT.

Posture Clinic

Age a person ages it's inevitable that his or her body form changes.

The gravity does its work, and people don't work out as much today than they did a century ago.

Bad life habits and lack of physical activity--these are the main reasons responsible for the changes in the spine and body shape.

Chaum's Posture Clinic will help you correct your posture so you may prevent or slow the effect of aging.

Posture Clinic
Who is the posture clinic for? Strutting / Bent back / Uneven shoulder heights / Problematic somatotype (body form)

Pain Clinic

A musculoskeletal specialist will remedy the patient's pain by treating the spine, giving the patient an exercise prescription, stress controlling, and advising the patient to change his or her lifestyle. This integrated approach generally gives the patient a better treatment result.

The Musculoskeletal Center treats your pain by adjusting your spine with various devices and therapies. The physician will prescribe an assistive device to help you ease the pain if necessary. Your doctor will also help you retain correct posture and encourage you to be more physically active. Before submitting you to a treatment through operation or by medication, the doctor will attempt to remedy the pain through non-surgical methods.

For light scoliosis

If you have chronic pain on your back, joints, or your feet, the Chaum specialists will run an extensive test to identify and locate the cause of your pain.

For light scoliosis
This program is 
for you if:
You have chronic pain in your musculoskeletal system; have scoliosis, herniated discs, 
foot problems, physical imbalance, or insomnia
The entire 
test will last:
2 hours
Test category
  • X-ray
  • Bone density test
  • Ultrasound
  • Somatotype 
    Vertebral(spinal nerve)
  • function test
  • Brain function test
  • Consultation
  • Options
Test items
  • Spinal-pelvic X-ray
  • Density in the spine and the thighbones
  • Ultrasound tests on the shoulder and knee joints
  • Physical balance and foot pressure check
  • Body heat dissipation test and thermograph
  • Blindspot test
  • Pre-test consultation
  • MRI