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Hair and Scalp ClinicThe Chaum specialists will create a database of your body's physiological profile which includes your metabolic 
activity for the direct care of your scalp and hair. 
Chaum will get at the root of your hair loss problem to provide with the most effective treatment options.


Hair Transplantation

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You can stop the progress of hair loss. You can even expect your hair to grow back but only to certain degree. But if your hair loss has progressed far into the later stages, getting the normal hair lines back is not a possibility. In this case you can have your own hair "move" to bald or balding parts of the scalp. At Chaum Hair and Scalp Clinic, you can have your lush, natural-looking hair back.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

  • Operation scars that are almost invisible
  • Less face swelling
  • No pain during operation
  • Beautiful, natural hair lines
  • Chaum's own patented transplant equipment