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Evercell Skin Care Center Program

Evercell Skin Care Center uses a variety of advanced techniques to offer the programs that are systematic and carefully designed to bring life back to your skin.

Human skin is a living organ

Human skin is a living organ
Wrinkle treatment Your skin cells will be reinforced with life energy to improve your wrinkles.
Whitening treatment The whitening treatment suppresses the formation of melanin pigment by 
introducing to your skin the growth factors, to improve your skin tone.
Pore treatment The microneedling therapy system naturally heals the damages on your skin, 
tightening the pores.
Deep hydrating treatment The cell growth factors in Evercell promote hyaluronic acid synthetis to moisturize 
your skin.
Soothing treatment This is a skin regeneration treatment using the ionospheresis rejuvenation therapy 
and the color therapy.

Chaum Special Treatment

The FMS Therapy improves the cell environment with the microcurrent system and so that Evercell can penetrate better into the system. The treatment is designed to eliminate the skin problem while making the muscles more flexible.

The Relaxation Program

Cerebral blood flow improvement program (for men)

  • A rehabilitation program for men
  • Facial muscle relaxation therapy to induce sound sleep
  • The program stimulates the brain to increase the oxygen supply to your brain, which can help you to counter fatigue.

Facial muscle correction program

  • Offered with the programs from Chaum Orthotherapy Center
  • Temporomandibular joint correction
  • Offered in parallel with the acupuncture program
  • Offered in parallel with the Botox program

Facial muscle treatment for Parkinson's disease

  • FMS stimulates the facial muscle nerves to promote cell balance (non-clinical)

Evercell Specific Care Programs

Anti-aging care

The apparent senility on various body parts including hands, neck, and feet, where they develop wrinkles, pigmentation, and lose skins caused by bad circulation of peripheral blood is treated with the cell growth factors in Evercell.

Before and after childbirth care

The skin pigmentation, chapped skins, itches, and swelling accompanied by pregnancy are carefully treated.

Acute acne treatment

The growth factors within Evercell renew the skin cells without stimulating sebaceous glands, naturally healing the acne breakouts.