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CHAdiformThe CHAdiform fat transfer treatment uses the polylactic acid drawn from your own fat for cosmetic purposes--it 
makes your face balanced and well-shaped to give you young, vibrant look.

The CHAdiform fat transfer treatment

The benefits of Botox image

If your cheek has large pit caused by aging or by the diminishment of the subcutaneous tissue, the CHAdiform fat transfer treatment is for you--the treatment fills up the pit by transferring the fat stem cells to bring back the youth to your face. The polylactic acid (PLA) is drawn from the fat and is injected into your skin or fat tissue, for long-lasting effect. The procedure is safe and innovative, and you can remove your wrinkles, bring back the skin elasticity and the skin's regenerative capacity that will last a long time with only single or couple treatments.

The PLA transfer and its excellent rates of absorption

Within the polylactic acid drawn from the fat there exist the stem cells, the cells which stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, young fat cells, and fibroblast. Some of these cells become the cells to make blood vessels, some create new fat cells, and create collagen to release the protein which is the main growth factor of tissues. Therefore the transferred fat will have blood flowing in it, and will have nutrients and oxygen supplied in it. Such cellular activities will naturally heal your wrinkles and regain your skin's elasticity; and since it's your own fat, it's completely compatible to your body and there's no risk of the transfer's clotting up and ending up calcified.

Application for CHAdiform fat transfer treatment

  • Correcting the sunken forehead or its asymmetrical structure; or correcting the contour of your face
  • Drooped upper and lower eyelids, and the wrinkles around the eyes
  • Cheek implants and rhinoplasty
  • Plumping up the face
  • Lip plumping and shaping for flat face
  • Make your face have more solid, curvy look
  • make your face young and vibrant

The CHAdiform difference

  • CHAdiform's non-stop transplant method keeps your stem cells alive and healthy.

    CHA Bio & Diostech is leading the stem cell research and has the technology to separate the stem cell from the fat tissues safely and rapidly, without the cultivation process. Also, the left-over fat and stem cells are cryo-stored for use later.

    The entire procedures from liposuction and cell separation to transplant can be done the same day you come in to the clinic.

  • The technology that is safe and bio-compatible.

    CHAdiform uses the aseptic processing system to separate, sterilize, and transplant the living cells whose survival rate exceeds 90%. Also, the survivability and activity of the stem cell within the body are improved in the process; and the stem cells are more densely transplanted in the same area in comparison to the conventional fat transfer method, just a single treatment guarantees high rate of absorption and the cell longevity.

  • Medical science meets aesthetics.

    Fat stem cell transfer technology has been clinically proven to be safe and effective. Consult with Chaum specialists who are known to be the best in the field--it is important that your doctor has a medical expertise and is the one who appreciates aesthetic quality.

  • Chaum will utilize its extensive database to create a treatment plan that will best work for you.

    Everyone has a different body fat distribution and nature because everyone has a different physical profile. Each person has a different stem cell make up within the fat. This is why your treatment should be different from everyone else's, and Chaum will create a plan that will best suit your physical profile.

The CHAdiform benefits

Skin regeneration

The fat stem cells self-generate the collagens, and with the secretion of growth factors they promote the growth and development of the adjacent tissues. Such characteristics of the fat stem cells will help your skin to regain its elasticity, and to reduce the large pores and scars.

Remove wrinkles and scars

The fat stem cells promote the growth of the adjacent tissues such as the fibroblast, which makes your skin tighter and makes your wrinkles and scars disappear.


Because some stem cells will be divided and become fat cells, and because they stimulate the release of elastic substances such as collagen, your body will absorb the transplant better and the elasticity in your skin will last longer, compared to when only the fat tissues have been transplanted.