Medical Oncology Center

The Medical Oncology Center is responsible for the diagnosis of diverse malignant tumors (cancer) and anti-cancer chemotherapy (cytotoxic anti-cancer drugs, molecular targeted drugs), and hospice palliative medicine. 

The center provides tailored treatment by selecting the best anti-cancer drugs and targeted agents according to the type of cancer, purpose of treatment, and conditions of the patient. Through a close multidisciplinary treatment system between the related departments according to the type of cancer, it offers a thorough, patient-oriented medical service that can help improve quality of life. 

More than 80,000 patients visit the Medical Oncology Center and 6,000 new patients receive inpatient treatment services every year. We are participating in more than 150 global clinical trials and actively conducting genomic and translational research in order to provide better treatment options for our patients. 

In particular, it pioneers stage I clinical tests, which require outstanding research competence and facility infrastructures, and participates in numerous multinational clinical tests as the senior researcher, thus establishing itself as a worldwide hub of clinical tests

In addition, the center has established the examination and treatment recommendation regarding the termination of meaningless life-sustaining therapy for terminal cancer patients for the first time in Korea, thus helping terminal cancer patients to maintain human dignity.