Organ Transplantation Center

The Organ Transplantation Center, opened at Asan Medical Center in 1991, has become a pioneer in this field in Korea. Transplantation of the heart, pancreas and the pancreas islet together with living-donor transplants have been successfully performed for the first time in Korea, and the Center also has recorded the largest number of organ transplants in Korea.

The total number of transplants carried out between 1990 and November 2008 was 6,874: 2,311 for kidney transplants (living donor - 1,769 cadaveric donor 542), 2,145 for liver transplants (living donor - 1,856 cadaveric donor - 289), 229 for heart transplants, 104 for pancreas transplants, 4 for pancreas islet transplants, 1,394 for bone marrow transplants, and 686 for cornea transplants.

The contribution of the Organ Transplant Center, Asan Medical Center, to medical achievements in Korea is noteworthy : the Center has greatly encouraged other organ transplant centers around Korea to be established, contributing the advancement of medical technologies through successful organ transplantation, as well as building up the respect and confidence of the general public concerning medical treatment in this field in this country.

 The staff of the Organ Transplant Center are
  •  Directer : Sung-Gyu Lee, MD
  •  Coordinator : Hee-Sun Ha, RN / Jung-Ja Hong, RN / In-Ok Kim, RN/ Mi-Kyeong Jeon, RN
  •  Secretary : Gwi-Rye Lee, Soo yeon Park, RN
History of OTC

2004. Jan Accumulated total of 1,500 cases of Kidney Transplants
2005. Feb Accumulated total of 1,000 cases of Liver Transplants
2005. Mar Combined Heart - Kidney Transplant (First in Korea)
2005. Aug Segmental Pancreas Transplant from Live Donor(First in Korea)
2006. Jan Simultaneous Pancreas - Kidney Transplant from Live Donor (First in Korea)
2006. Nov Accumulated total of 1,500 cases of Liver Transplants
2007. Apr Accumulated total of 2,000 cases of Kidney Transplants
2008. Jan Accumulated total of 200 cases of Heart Transplants
2008. Jun Accumulated total of 2,000 cases of Liver Transplants
2008. Oct Accumulated total of 100 cases of Pancreas Transplants


 OTC Activity

Cadaveric donor pool expansion Recipient registration
Transplant operation Posttransplant patient care
Financial screening Transplant directory
Transplant data analysis Collection of articles & references
Organization of seminars, lectures Education & training of transplant members
Participation or organization of transplant meeting Transplant research and funding
Public information Cooperation with other centers
Organization of transplant committee  



• Clinical Transplant
Kidney, Liver, Heart, Lung, Pancreas, Islet, Bone Marrow, Cornea, Tissue, Multi-Organ Harvest

• Experimental Transplant
Liver, Pancreas/Islet, Heart, Lung, Bone Marrow, Cornea

• Committee Activity
Team Leader Committee / Executive & Coordinative Committee
Ethical Subcommittee / Brain Death Subcommittee
Organ Procurement Subcommittee / Experimental Research Subcommittee / Information Subcommittee

• Seminar Activity
Transplantation Symposium
Monthly Seminar
Team Seminar

• Others 
Organ Transplant Guide Book, Video, Educational Material, Homepage


 Organ Transplantation Center Symposium

1st OTC Symposium (The 1st Anniversary of OTC) 92.11.20~21
M. Roy First, MD, J. Schafers, MD
G. Gubernatis, MD

2nd OTC Symposium (The 2nd Anniversary of OTC)'93.11.19
David ER Sutherland, MD
Margaret E. Billingham, MD

3rd OTC Symposium (The 5th Anniversary of OTC)
Masatoshi Makuuchi, MD'96. 9.13
Robert J. Stratta, MD'96.10.12

4th OTC Symposium (The 10th Anniversary of AMC)'99. 6.11
David ER Sutherland, MD
Asghar Khaghani, MD
Albert KK. Chui, MD
Shigeaki Nonoyama, MD
Tomohiro Morio, MD
J.S. Seo, PhD
S.G. Lee, PhD
T.J. Kim, PhD

International Liver Transplantation Symposium'00. 1.31
Masatoshi Makuuchi, MD
Koichi Tanaka, MD
Sheung-Tat. Fan, MD
Chao-Long Chen, MD

5th OTC Symposium (Anniversary of 1,000 Kidney Transplantation)'00. 6.10
Rainer W.G. Gruessner, MD
Thomas-Heffron, MD
Robert-Schmouder, MD

6th OTC Symposium (The 10th Anniversary of OTC)'01. 6.21
Rober J Corry, MD
Chung-Gyu Park, MD
Geon-Kook Lee, MD

7th OTC Symposium (The 12th Anniversary of OTC)'03. 7.3
Hugh Auchincloss, Jr, MD 
Peter Stock, MD
Sung-Hoe Park, MD
Hun-Taeg Chung, MD

8th OTC Symposium (The 1st Anniversary of OTC) 92.11.20~21

9th OTC Symposium (The 13th Anniversary of OTC)'04. 6.25
Shin-Yong Moon, MD
K Tanabe, MD

International Liver Transplantation Symposium '05. 2.26
In Celebration of 1,000 Liver Transplantation at Asan Medical Center
M Makuuchi, MD
K Tanabe, MD
P Neuhaus, MD
J Klempnauer, MD

10th OTC Symposium (The 14th Anniversary of OTC)'05. 6.25
Charles Rosen, MD

2005 Annual Congress of Korean Liver Transplantation Study Group '05. 6.25
Heinz-Otto Peitgen, MD

11th OTC Symposium (The 15th Anniversary of OTC)'06. 7.1

2006 Annual Congress of Korean Liver Transplantation Study Group '06. 7.1