Teardrop Implant Breast Augmentation
Teardrop Implant Breast Augmentation, The point is the natural breast shape.
Summer is the season of revealing and people are walking around with clothes thats showing the body line.
Recently prejudice on revealing has gone, and so many people are interested in not only the pretty face but also interested in elastic and sexy figure.
People are enthusiastic on making glamorous breast, slender waste, and elastic figure due to interest in healthy and sexy figure in summertime.
Especially the breast is the most important body part in womans body which makes the beautiful shape.
Famous women in Korea which theyre called by Bagel womanpure glamour are attractive because the breast is curvy and that makes the whole body look much slender and the curvy line from breast to the waste can become an attractive silhouette. 
Due to this phenomenon, many inquiries are increasing on correcting the body shape.
It is possible to lose some weight and make elastic body shape, but there is a limit on making the breast so curvy fundamentally.
Among recent breast surgeries, Teardrop Implant Breast Augmentation is in the limelight.
Teardrop Implant Breast Augmentation is named because the shape is like a teardrop falling down.
The breast shape is so natural and the shape is slim on upper part and it is more rounded as it goes down.
The implant which is used on Teardrop Implant Breast Augmentation is comparatively intensive on the front part to keep the shape of the breast, and the back part is soft which is naturally movable in movement. Also when lying down, the breast is not convex shaped but natural shape.
The Teardrop Implant Breast Augmentation is very effective for the women who has  thin skin and less development of mammary gland  the length between nipple to the bottom of breast is short  the breast is placed on high. 
The convex phenomenon is gone and the natural shape has incarnated, and it gives enough volume on the lower part to balance the whole body and makes the ideal shape of the breast.
Dr. Yim in Grand Plastic surgery explained, “’Teardrop Implant Augmentation is the way to hold the volume and it is the method to insert teardrop shape implant that has the closest feeling like the real breast.
There is less space which the breast is movable between the implant and the space in the breast which brings almost no capsular contractual or deforming implant, so a natural breast can be expected and it is highly safe.
Meanwhile, when having a breast surgery, which implant to use should be decided by considering the general condition of the breast, which is not the breast itself but amount of greater pectoral muscle, the shape of the chest, the mold, chest size, and the thickness of the skin.
You can get the natural result after having an enough consultation on deciding the suitable implant and the surgical method with the specialized surgeon.
Also if you are planning to have the breast surgery, you have to check if the implant is original when the cost of breast surgery is too cheap and it is desirable to make sure if the implant is safe and approved by the government organization.