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Bobath Memorial Hospital is a specialized medical center focusing on neurological disorders and chronic medical diseases. We offer integrative medical services and treatment systems through the wide range of specialties. Bobath hospital were founded in May 2002 to honor the spirit of Dr. and Mrs. Bobath (Karal Bobath was a physician and Berta Bobath was a physical therapist), a British Couple. They devoted their lives for patients who were suffering from central Nervous system disorders especially brain injury. We also provide, as a medical institution specialized for centralnervous system disorders and chronic internal illnesses, provide quality treatment system and integrated health care services. Particularly, our consultant surgeons and specialists in the fields of neurology and rehabilitation medicine commit patient-customized rehabilitation medical services for the patients with central nervous system disorders and continuously push ahead with specialization of senior health care regarding chronic internal illnesses, degenerative disorders in nervous system and acute diseases from their onset to recovery.
We have a letter from the Bobath center in London which was to announce the declaration for the use Of name “Bobath” that only we could use this term In Korea.
Bobath Children’s Hospital is the one specializing in medical evaluations and rehabilitation treatment for the children with development delay. Now we have expanded its size in an effort to do its duties to make the Bobath widely known to Southeast Asia such as Philippines, Indonesia, etc. We have Specialized Medical Departments such as Neurorehabilitation Center, Neurological Disease Center, Lifestyle Related Disease Center, Palliative Care Center (Hospice). The Neurorehabilitation center comprises a specialized rehabilitation center that administers rehabilitation therapy to adult patients suffering from neurological disorders (stroke, traumatic brain injury), and a rehabilitation education center devoted to the training of professional rehabilitation therapists. Our Nervous disease center strives total and lifelong care from diagnosis to treatment.
Our Six Medical Departments: Internal Medicine, Neurological Disease Center, Rehabilitation, Cranial Nerve Rehabilitation Center, Degenerative Nerve Disorder Center, Lifestyle Related Disease Center.


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