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Organized by dermatological specialists from graduates of Seoul National University, Leaders Clinic have established a nationwide network with branches in Ap-gu-Jung, Star City, Do-gok, Mi-a, Mok-dong, Bu-cheon, Shin Cheon, Dae-gu etc, from total of our 10 clinics consists of 16 dermatological specialist, 170 staff and administration providing specialized and distinctive treatment service.

Equipped with latest state of the art laser treatment devices, variety of dermatological treatment are tendered as well as medical skin care, also procedures such as lipid insertion, liposuction and hair transplantation are offered.

In the field of lipid stem cell development, Leaders clinic is continuously succeeding in numerous treatments such as dermatological disorder and depilation; also we are actively participating in dissertations of recent studies.

Medical Staffs: The hospital runs with total of 10 clinics consists of 16 dermatological specialist, 170 staff and administration. Moreover, it has 13 branches, with 2 branches overseas.


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