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Suncheon Station (순천역)

Suncheon Station (순천역)

  • Zip Code : 57964
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  • Address : 135, Palma-ro, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
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Also known as a town of three mountains and two streams, or “Little Zhejiang” (a popular region in China known for its beautiful scenery), Suncheon got its name from two nobles of the town in the late Baekje Era. They “followed the will of the heavens,” and established the city in the Goryeo Dynasty. In Korean, Suncheon means “Following the will of the heavens.”

The station opened on October 25, 1930 and moved into a new building on December 22, 2009 for the 2012 Yeosu Expo and 2013 Suncheon Bay Garden Expo. It serves as a transportation hub for the eastern regions of Korea.

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