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Achasan Mountain (아차산)

Achasan Mountain (아차산)

  • Zip Code : 04965
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  • Address : Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul-si & Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Driving directions : [Subway]
    Achasan Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 2.
    Walk straight and turn on the second left street.
    Walk straight for approx. 210 m.
    Follow the street on the right at the three-way intersection (Y-junction).
    Follow the stree for approx. 470 m and turn right towards Dongui Elementary School.
    Walk straight until Achasan Park Entrance.

Achasan Mountain (alt. 295.7 m) stretches from Seoul to Guri City and is an extremely popular hiking spot for residents of Seoul, Guri City and the surrounding area. Towards the top of the mountain (about 40 minutes into the climb) a panoramic view of the Hangang River and Seoul unfolds from atop the mountain.

During the Joseon Dynasty, the current day Bonghwa and Yongmabong Peak and the Manguri Cemetery were considered part of Achasan Mountain. Twenty bastions were discovered along Achasan Mountain that were originally estimated to date back to the Three Kingdoms Era. Further research indicated that some of the remains were actually part of a military fortress built during the Goguryeo Era. In light of these findings, it was officially designated a Historic Site No. 455 (2004).

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  • Contact and Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
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    • For more info: +82-2-450-1192
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  • Hiking Course
    ▲ Course1 (Duration: 1hr, 30min): Achasan Ecological Park → Pine Tree Forest → Achasanseong Fortress → Nakta Gogae Pass → Chinsu Valley → Achasan Management Office → Meeting place

    ▲ Course 2 (Duration: 2 hours): Meeting place → Nakta Gogae Pass → Goguryeojeong → Haemaji Square → Summit → Daeseongam Hermitage → Nakta Gogae Pass → Chinsu Valley → Meeting place

    ▲ Course 3 (Duration: 2hrs, 30min): Meeting place → Achasan Management Office → Chinsu Valley → Goguryeojeong → Summit → Yongmasan Mt. → Ppeongtwigigol Valley

    ▲ Course 4 (Duration: 2hrs, 30min): Meeting place → Pine Tree Forest → Nakta Gogae Pass → Goguryeojeong → Daeseongam Hermitage → Summit → Ancient Fortress Site No. 4 → Gingorang
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    Achasanseong Fortress, Haemaji Square, meeting place, etc.
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  • Parking Fees
    300 won for 10 min