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Jinan Red Ginseng Spa (진안 홍삼스파)

Jinan Red Ginseng Spa (진안 홍삼스파)

  • Zip Code : 55438
  • Phone number : +82-1588-7597
  • Homepage : (Korean only)
  • Address : 16-10, Oesayang-gil, Jinan-eup, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Driving directions : 1) From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal, take an express bus to Jinan.
    Bus Schedule: 10:10, 15:10

    2) From Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal, take a bus to Jinan.
    Bus schedule: 06:05-21:05, 10-40min intervals

    From Jinan Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Jinan Red Ginseng Spa.

The Jinan Red Ginseng Spa is a spacious spa (B1-3F, 7,720 square meters) offering an unusual assortment of health facilities and programs. Treatments use the systematic and scientific use of red ginseng, Oriental medicinal herbs, and the principles of yin and yang and the five natural elements to give spa-goers an indulgent experience that relaxes both the mind and body. Read on to learn more about some of the treatments and facilities available at the spa.

Gold: Taegeuk Bubble Sense Therapy
Relax on a warm stone chair for a body massage of red ginseng bubbles that come up to your neck. Then, hop in the dew shower to relax.

Tree: Yangsaeng Herb Therapy
As part of this spa treatment, clients rest on a bed of dried medicinal herbs and hay designed to help overcome fatigue.

Sound Floating Space
In this spa treatment, guests float peacefully on the water while listening to music via underwater speakers in an experience that simulates being in the womb.

Aqua Zone
This outdoor open-air tub is a great therapy option that also lets visitors enjoy the beautiful landscape of Mount Maisan.

Tourist site
  • Contact and Information : • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-1588-7597
  • Day off : The last Monday of each month
  • Experience guide : Spa facilities: Taeguk Zone, Therapy Zone, Aqua Zone
    Public course: Sound floating, wind therapy, summer therapy, sky park, and many more
  • Parking facilities : Available
  • Admission Fees
      Weekdays 39,000 won / Weekends 43,000 won

    Groups(20 people or more
      Weekdays 30,000 won / Weekends 34,000 won 

  • Available Facilities
    - 1F (Customer Lounge): Lobby lounge, Oriental medicine clinic, rest area, supermarket, Hangaram plaza, shower rooms
    - 2F (Multi Therapy Zone): Stone therapy, aroma therapy, sound floating, wind therapy, herb therapy, harmony therapy, bubble sense therapy, lounge, shower rooms
    - 3F (Aqua Zone): Sky garden, outdoor stage, hydro therapy, and aqua mind therapy
  • Restrooms
  • Facilities for the Handicapped
    Parking spaces, restrooms, elevator
  • Parking Fees
  • Interpretation Services Offered
    English, Japanese, Chinese available * Must reserve in advance