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Andong Folk Village & Andongho Lake (안동민속촌과 안동호)

Andong Folk Village & Andongho Lake (안동민속촌과 안동호)

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  • Phone number : +82-54-854-3669
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  • Address : Seonggok-dong, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Driving directions : * Take an intercity bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon station, Subway Line 2) to Andong (Bus schedule: 06:00 -23:00, 20-30 min intervals / Estimated travel time: 2hrs 50min)

    Local City Bus: From Andong Intercity Bus Terminal, take city bus No. 3 headed for Andong Dam.
    Get off at Andong Folk Museum (15 min ride).
    Taxi: Takes 10 min from Andong Station.

On the other side of the subsidiary dam of Andong Dam, thatched houses can be sparsely seen on a hilltop. The area is the folk scene site where an outdoor museum is built. At the entrance of the outdoor museum two jangseungs (traditional Korean totem poles) are set, followed by a monument inscribed with the poem of famous Andong poet and democracy activist, Lee Yuk-sa. On the monument, his noted works “Gwangya” (Wild Plain) is carved.

Near the Dam, are the Andong Folk Village, Andong Museum, Lee Yuk-sa Monument, a filming site of “Taejo Wanggeon,” and Andongho Lake.

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