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Yeongwol Beopheungsa Temple (법흥사(영월))

Yeongwol Beopheungsa Temple (법흥사(영월))

  • Zip Code : 26201
  • Phone number : +82-33-374-9177
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  • Address : 1352, Mureungbeopheungn-ro, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Driving directions : [Taxi]
    Approx. 25 min from Jucheon Bus Terminal.

Beopheungsa Temple was created by Jajangyulsa in 647, called Heungnyeongsa Temple at the time, under the reign of King Jindeok of Silla to enshrine Jinsinsari of Buddha. At that time, Preceptor Jinghyo earned 100 Jinsinsari of Munsubosal and enshrined them at Yangsan Tongdosa Temple, Odaesan Sangwonsa Temple, Seoraksan Bongjeongam, Jeongseon Jeongamsa Temple and Beopheungsa Temple while establishing Jeongmyeolbogung, Hall of Buddha, at each of the places. Inside the Jeongmyeolbogung there is no statue of Buddha and only a wide open window. This is because it is believed that the mountain as a whole is the enshrined Jinsinsari of Buddha himself.

Beopheungsa was once a large temple where over 2,000 monks gathered. Today, most of the temple buildings were lost to a number of fires leaving only a few buildings. The pine wood path from Beopheungsa Temple to Jeongmyeolbogung is one of the most picturesque sites in the nation. The location was originally named Sajasansa but later changed to Sajasan Jeongmyeolbogung in 1939. In addition to the path, the nine peaks (Gubongdae) lined up one after another forms another charming view.

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