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Anseong Wine (안성와인)

Anseong Wine (안성와인)

  • Zip Code : 17534
  • Phone number : +82-10-5479-7843
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  • Address : 73-60, Joryeong-gil, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Driving directions : [Bus]
    From Anseong Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 2-1 or 2-8 and get off at Joryeong-ri (조령리) Bus Stop.
    Winery is a 10-min walking distance away.

The history of Anseong grapes dates back to 1901, when the French Catholic missionary, Antonio Combert, planted the Muscat grape variety in the garden of the abbey of Gupo-dong, Anseong. The missionaries planted the grapes in order to make wine to be used for worship services. Since the climate of Korea is very different from that of France, only 2 of the 30 grape varieties brought by Combert were able to flourish. These hardy grape varieties are now known as the “Anseong grapes.”

Anseong Winery was founded by Kenneth Kim (Korean name: Kim Kil-Ung), who had been making wine in California for 15 years prior to establishing his business in Korea. The Muscat grape (which in Korea is grown only in Anseong) caught Kim’s attention and he became the first Korean to produce his own brand of wine. Kim’s wine has also been successful introduced overseas and is gaining popularity in the US wine market. The three wine varieties currently produced in Anseong are red, white, and fortified wines, all of which are domestically made using only Muscat grapes cultivated in Anseong.

In addition to making and selling wines, Kenneth Kim is involved in a range of activities to promote Anseong Wine. Kim conducts the Anseong Winery tour program which invites participants to visit the major attractions in the city of Anseong including the winery, the abbey of Fr. Antonio Comber, Cheongyongsa Temple, and the vineyard.

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    Wine (30,000 won ~ 40,000 won)

    Online & via tel: 031-677-6808 / 011-479-7843

    * Muscat white
    Less tannin for easy drinking so has just about right proportions of fruit, acid, alcohol and sugar. Good match for most Korea formal table or fish or poultry. (12%+-)
    * Muscat red
    Over run fermentation together with the addition of California Shiraz makes this red as close as vintage French Point Noir. Very silky tast with long lasting finesse. Perfect to red meat entree. (12%+-)
    * Muscat sherry
    Over run oak contact makes this Sherry as close as the vintage spanish Sherry. Good selection for Soju loving locals as this is a fortified. (14%+-)
    * Muscat port
    Resembles Douro's Port. Fortified together with addition of sugar makes easy to drink before and after meal. Paring Cuban cigar will assure your happines 100%. (18%+-)

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