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678 (Yuk Chil Pal) (Apgujeong Branch) (육칠팔+(압구정점))

678 (Yuk Chil Pal) (Apgujeong Branch) (육칠팔+(압구정점))

  • Zip Code : 06017
  • Phone number : +82-2-540-6678
  • Homepage (Korean only)
  • Address : 13, Eonju-ro 172-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Driving directions : 1) Sangsu Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1.

    2) Hapjeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 6), Exit 3.

The restaurant 678 (Yuk Chil Pal) specializes in charcoal barbecued meat and is widely known as a franchised restaurant run by Kang, Ho-Dong, a popular MC and comedian. The restaurant serves carefully selected, high-quality beef and Jeju pork. Other dishes include Ogyeopsal (pork belly), Moksal (neck), Hangjeongsal and Galmaegisal. Combine your meat dish with hot Doenjang-jjigae (bean-paste pot stew) with beef, Mookeunji (aged kimchi) Kimchi-jjigae or Hamheung-naengmyeon (cold noodle dish from the Hamheung area).

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